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What does VoIP Ready mean?

VoIP Ready is a benchmark to make sure you get the most from Broadvoice b-hive. No choppy conversations or lost packets. Just a seamless user experience.

A VoIP Ready network has enough data speed, throughput quality, and failover redundancy to keep your communications crystal clear and continuously available.

To help you find out if you’re VoIP Ready, we’ll give you the tools and expertise to rate the ability of your current network to support VoIP.

And finally, we give you a roadmap — or even hands-on assistance — to upgrade your network performance if needed.

4 simple steps to get your network VoIP Ready

We’re committed to delivering the high quality of experience with our Broadvoice b-hive Cloud PBX, UCaaS, SIP Trunking, and Virtual Call Center services so we’re more than willing and able to help make sure that your network is VoIP Ready. Here’s how:


Find out if your internet connection is VoIP Ready by taking our VoIP Quality Test.


Based on your VoIP Ready Network Rating, we’ll recommend changes to your firewall or switch as well or the addition of an SD-WAN edge appliance and redundant connections.


Our certified installers will deploy the recommended network hardware. Or you can install your own device from this list of VoIP Ready Network Devices.


Our network team will install & deploy your VoIP Ready Network Devices to ensure a seamless, end-to-end quality experience for your VoIP-enabled Broadvoice b-hive Cloud PBX or UCaaS services.

* Only available on hardware Broadvoice installs

What makes a network VoIP Ready?

First, you need to consider the VoIP user experience that you want to deliver over your network – good, better or best.

Next, you can determine what attributes and elements your network needs to deliver that quality of experience.





What’s the user experience?

Voice calls are prioritized over data optimizing throughput and minimizing latency.

Voice calls are prioritized by assigning priorities to all applications on your network. Additionally, with SD-WAN, there is a reduction in packet errors and loss with forward error correction and jitter buffering.

Adds dual internet connections with active active routing so if one goes down, calls remain connected without any packet loss.

How do you get it?

Single Internet connection + business-grade firewall + managed Ethernet switch

Single Internet connection + SD-WAN with firewall device + managed Ethernet switch with PoE

Dual Internet connections + SD-WAN with firewall device + managed Ethernet switch with PoE

Find out if your Internet connection is VoIP Ready

You need approximately 100 kbps upload and download speed to support each VoIP call across your Internet connection.

Is your Internet VoIP Ready?


VoIP Ready Resources

Do you want to ensure an amazing user experience with your Broadvoice b-hive services? It’s not rocket science; there are just six characteristics and components you need to review to make your network VoIP Ready. Discover the secrets to a VoIP Ready network in our white paper.

Get Your Free White Paper

Got the jitters?

If your VoIP calls are choppy, you’re experiencing jitter, latency and packet loss on your network connections. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix. Read more


SD-WAN technology can secure and smooth packet transport across Internet connections, making your VoIP calls crystal clear. Read more

Need help getting your network VoIP Ready?