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Falmat Cable Technologies

Broadvoice b-hive links communication solution for innovative cable company

You may not have heard of Falmat before, but chances are you have seen their products in action. In the movie Titanic, the underwater scenes were filmed by cameras powered by Falmat cables. Not into romantic movies? Well, Falmat cables were used in the animatronics for the dinosaurs in the original Jurassic Park movie. Not a movie fan? Don’t worry, Falmat has you covered. Their cables have been used for Space Shuttle missions, at SpaceX, and in Disney Amusement Parks for their fountains and water shows.

For over 50 years, Falmat has been paving the way in custom cable and cable assembly manufacturing, specializing in products used in marine environments, defense, aerospace and pipe inspection industries. Falmat strives for continuous innovation, pushing their products to excel as the boundaries in their industry continue to expand. Located in sunny Southern California, Falmat has grown since its creation, not only in the states but globally.


In order to push the envelope, Falmat knew that it must continue to evolve. However, its growth was being stunted due to an outdated phone system, making it hard for them to communicate with their customers. Alan Palmer, Falmat’s system administrator, who has been with the company for 20 years, had first-hand experience with the dated system and the headaches it was causing the company. “The old phone system had poor call quality, lack of support, and dropped calls, and it was hard to customize features.” When dealing with reputable high-end clients such as Boeing, Google, and Sony, Falmat needed to operate effectively and professionally through strong communication channels. Alan realized something needed to be done about the phone system.


Having their old system for over 12 years meant it was obsolete and lacking features to help improve Falmat’s communications. Falmat searched for a new phone provider that could offer cloud PBX services and robust features at a fraction of the price. They were blown away with all the features Broadvoice had to offer in their Cloud PBX service, including a user friendly portal, custom ring strategies, and communication visibility.

Not only that, it produced a huge financial advantage too. “I ran a three, five, and tenyear cost analysis and the numbers were staggering,” Alan shared. “It clearly showed that using Broadvoice would save us tens of thousands of dollars over a ten-year period”. The main way Falmat was able to save so much money was due to the call path model. The call path model allows the company to pay based on the average number of callers they have on the phone at the same time, instead of paying for each phone line. Thus permitting Falmat to pay for an aggregated amount of lines – the company only pays for the active phone lines they are using. With no busy signals, superb call quality and stability, Falmat now has a phone system that empowers the company in its innovation and growth.

“Broadvoice has given us one unified system that makes it so much easier to do business and grow,” he said. “We can track down calls or call issues and mitigate them quickly. We run automated weekly or bi-weekly reports and also pull reports spontaneously that give us visibility into the ebb and flow of call traffic, customer experiences and how our reps are performing. It’s made a tremendous difference for our organization. In Broadvoice we found a diamond in the rough.”

I ran a three, five, and ten-year cost analysis. It clearly showed that using Broadvoice would save us tens of thousands of dollars over a ten-year period.

Alan Palmer, System Administrator, Falmat

The Benefits

  • Pay based on the average number of concurrent callers on the phones instead of per phone line
  • No busy signals with superb call quality and stability
  • 10-year ROI projects to be tens of thousands of dollars

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