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Taking cloud communication to the next generation of technology.


Work is no longer a place we go to from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. It has become a part of our lives allowing people to tailor their professional availability to meet their personal needs while bringing work-life balance into focus. Work anytime, anywhere, from any device with our mobile, flexible solution. Take “where” with you.


We work in the age of collaboration — sharing ideas and work product creates an open cooperative environment. Having a business communication system that fosters a mobile, collaborative atmosphere increases team productivity as well as the ability for an individual to contribute.


As work ebbs and flows, your business communications capabilities can scale with you. Offering the latest technologies on an intuitive platform, we give employees the power to take their productivity to the next level. Plus with access to our reporting and analytics your team is able to make actionable business decisions to further your goals.

Broadvoice powers business conversations for the way people work.


Our award-winning b-hive platform provides a consistent experience for all users, at all locations, on all devices. We created an innovative, intuitive interface that drives team cohesiveness and productivity. The platform supports cloud PBX, unified communications, virtual call center, and a suite of business analytics options — offering one pane of glass for all your cloud business communications needs. If hosted PBX isn’t your speed, we have SIP trunking to maximize the investment of your existing PBX. And yes, we allow bursting on call paths, call recording and a single pane of glass for your SIP and Cloud PBX endpoints.


Business continuity and disaster recovery are top priorities for any tech team. We have focused on creating a suite of products that keeps your company up and running in any circumstance. With georedundancy and the options of 4G failover, we give companies the ability to keep moving forward during foreseen and unforeseen circumstances. In as little as 8 seconds, we can restore full functionality to any business. Rest easy knowing you have consistent voice services to keep your company running smoothly. It’s just another way we bring new technology into your everyday work environment, revolutionizing how you work.

One platform to rule them all.

One platform for all users, for all products across all devices at any location. Daily, thousands of businesses use our award-winning b-hive communications system to help their customers, sell their products, make appointments, set meetings, and more — allowing them to grow their business.

Reliable, secure and intuitive are more than buzz words for us — they are the building blocks that allow us to offer you a cost-effective, scalable, flexible cloud communication solution. Work better.